rent a car chevrolet spark

Small Class - Chevrolet Spark, petrol.

The new Chevrolet Spark is a small and economic rental car, with a low fuel consumption. The car can be easily driven, has AC, Radio-CD, and is a reliable travel partner. Due to the dimensions of the car, we mostly recomended it for urban transportation. Possible alternatives for this car are Daewoo Matiz (its predecessor), and Toyota Yaris (a much better equipped car, from the same class).

[+] Car rental prices - Chevrolet Spark

Starting with 17 Euro per day. See Chevrolet Spark specifications.

rent a car daewoo matiz

Small Class - Daewoo Matiz, petrol.

Considering a car with a low fuel consumption? Daewoo Matiz is definetly the answer. The car is not branded, has AC, Radio-CD, and can be used with no mileage limitations. As for our entire fleet of rental vehicles, this car can also be delivered for free, anywhere in Romania within the city limits, or in the international airports. Feel free to enquire if interested in this car.

[+] Car rental prices - Daewoo Matiz 

Starting with 17 Euro per day. See Daewoo Matiz specifications.

rent a car toyota yaris

Small Class - Toyota Yaris, petrol.

Toyota Yaris can be seen as the compromise between the low rates of the Small Class, and the extra options and comfort of the Sedan Class. This car has airbags, AC, Radio-CD, Power Windows, LCD Display for Gauges, Power Mirrors, and many other features. Feel free to discover Romania in this small and economic rental car. Toyota Yaris was in 2010 the most rented car in our fleet and it was voted by our customers as the best rental deal.

[+] Car rental prices- Toyota Yaris 

Starting with 19 Euro per day. See Toyota Yaris specifications.

rent a car dacia sandero

Hatchback - Dacia Sandero, petrol.

Dacia Sandero is the new hatchback alternative for the Dacia Logan. This car has a trunk with big volume, an averge fuel consumption, Airbags, Power Windows and Mirrors, Radio-CD and AC. Dacia Sandero is a robust car recommended for those with luggage, or willing to tryout a reliable car. As a Sedan alternative, you can also opt-in for Dacia Logan, for exactly the same price.

[+] Car rental prices - Dacia Sandero 

Starting with 25 Euro per day. See Dacia Sandero specifications.

rent a car dacia logan

Sedan - Dacia Logan, petrol or diesel.

After Toyota Yaris, Dacia Logan is the most rented car in our fleet. All our Dacia cars are brand new, and in perfect condition. We do not rent out branded cars, or older cars, under any circumstance. All our cars have a regular technical maintenance checkup, in a specialised car service, and are safe to drive. Dacia Logan has Radio-CD, Power Windows, Airbags, Power Steering, and AC.

[+] Car rental prices - Dacia Logan 

Starting with 25 Euro per day. See Dacia Logan specifications.

rent a car dacia logan 7 seats

MCV with 7 seats - Dacia Logan, petrol or diesel.

Dacia Logan MCV is a car with 7 seats, Airbags, Radio-CD, Power Windows and Mirrors and AC. The car is available in both versions, petrol and diesel, however the prices are different. Dacia Logan is a reliable and robust car, ready to be used on the Romanian roads. The car is easily to maneuver and can be driven with a normal driving license (no special categories needed).

[+] Car rental prices- Dacia Logan MCV 

Starting with 30 Euro per day. See Dacia MCV specifications.

rent a car renault megane

Sedan - Renault Megane, diesel.

Renault Megane Sedan, is a reliable car, with a low fuel consumption (around 5 L/100KM), AC, Radio-CD, ABS, ESP, Power Windows and Mirrors, and was voted in 2009, by EuroNCAP, the world's safest Sedan, winning for the first time the maximum number of points (5) for safety of passengers. An elegant choice, with light steering and powerful engine, Renault Megane is the typical choice for families with children or for those interested in driving safety.

[+] Car rental prices - Renault Megane Sedan 

Starting with 37 Euro per day. See Renault Megane specifications.

rent a car renault traffic

Passenger Transport - Renault Trafic 8+1, diesel.

Renault Trafic is the best choice for transporting up to 9 passengers in perfect conditions. The car is easy to drive, has AC, and the diesel engine is one of the most economic in its class. This car is also available for international rentals (which departure from Romania and mandatory collection in Romania), however in this case, we will need to be informed about the departure in advance, to obtain the accept of our operational leasing company.

[+] Car rental prices - Renault Trafic 

Starting with 60 Euro per day. See Renault Trafic specifications.

rent a car opel astra

Hatchback - Opel Astra, diesel.

Opel Astra is a reliable hatchback, with large trunk. This car is also available in the Sedan Version - Opel Astra Classic. The diesel CDTI engine, ensures an optimal consumption to torque ratio. The car has AC, Power Windows, Radio-CD and a manual gearbox with 5 speeds. Based on the city where the car will be delivered, this version is interchangable with Opel Astra 2011.

[+] Car rental prices - Opel Astra 

Starting with 33 Euro per day. See Opel Astra specifications.

rent a car renault fluence

Sedan - Renault Fluence, diesel.

Renault Fluence is the next in class from Renault, after the premium Renault Megane Sedan. The car is very safe and reliable, and the ride height is optimal for Romanian roads. The car has Power Windows, AC, Radio-CD, multiple airbags and an airbag courtain, Anti-Reflexive Windshield, and many other equipments such as ABS, and ESP, which guarantee the safety of your journey.

[+] Car rental prices - Renault Fluence 

Starting with 40 Euro per day. See Renault Fluence specifications.

rent a car ford mondeo

Premium Sedan - Ford Mondeo, diesel.

The New Ford Mondeo (most recent facelift), has an abundance of options and equipments installed. If includes all the options of any Sedan Class Car, plus Tempomat / Cruise Control, Adjustable Headlights, Airbags, Leather, Climatronic and Parking Sensors. Based on the options, city and availability, we also recommend similar cars such as VW Passat and Audi A4, for rental with free delivery and collection in Romania.

[+] Car rental prices - Ford Mondeo 

Starting with 40 Euro per day. See Ford Mondeo specifications.

rent a car vw passat

Premium Sedan - Volkswagen Passat, diesel.

Volkswagen Passat is a Premium Sedan with low fuel consumption. The car has AC, Climatronic, Navi, Heated Seats, Power Steering, Mirrors and Power Windows, and Alloy Rims. It can be rented with free delivery and collection in all our rental offices, Nationwide, based on e-bookings. Upon specific instructions, this car can also be prepared for international rentals (when a greencard might be requested).

[+] Car rental prices - Volkswagen Passat 

Starting with 43 Euro per day. See Volkswagen Passat specifications.

rent a car audi a4

Premium Sedan - Audi A4, diesel.

The 2010 Audi A4, is a safe and reliable vehicle, from the Premium Sedan Class. The diesel engine is powerful and yet economic due to the Common Rail Tehnology (125HP). The car has AC with Double Climatronic, Radio-CD, Power Mirrors and Windows, Heated Seats, ABS and ESP, and as any of our others cars can be rented with free delivery and collection in any Romanian city.

[+] Car rental prices - Audi A4 

Starting with 45 Euro per day. See Audi A4 specifications.

rent a car mercedes

SUV - Mercedes ML 350, petrol.

The 2011 Mercedes ML 350 is a powerful and reliable SUV, which can tackle the Romanian roads in the utmost safety and comfort. The car has the Sport Package installed, and is available for rental only in Bucharest. Please place an enquiry with at least 72H in advance if interested in this car. We reserve our right in refusing to rent any Luxury Car or SUV at our discretion.

[+] Car rental prices - Mercedes ML 350 

Starting with 120 Euro per day. See Mercedes ML specifications.

rent a car bmw

Luxury - BMW 7 Series, diesel.

The BMW 7 Series is the outmost expression of luxury combined with the sportive allure of the BMW racing breed. The car has all the modern equipments installed (Infrared Sensors, HUD, TV, BMW Entertainement Console), multiple safety systems such as BMW Lane Assist, BMW Auto Breaking, Airbags, Pretensioned Seat Belts with Load Control and many others.

[+] Car rental prices - BMW 7 Series 

Starting with 180 Euro per day. See BMW 7 Series specifications.