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Dacia Logan is available for rental in Romania

This rental car is the classical, the all-timer, and the Romanian ultimate 4-wheel companion - Dacia Logan. Available in petrol or diesel, engine types are starting with 1.0 and finishing with 1.6. The newest model 1.2 16V petrol has become very requested for its low consumption. Dacia was introduced to the European market in 2005, as a common effort of Dacia and Renault.

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Prices & Conditions

Prices are all inclusive. They include VAT, Full Casco Insurance, RCA Insurance, Vignette and unlimited mileage. The featured Dacia is a 1.2 liters, 16V 85 HP engine, silent and fuel efficient. The same power can also be generated by a 1.6 Petrol, also available for rental.


Drive Test & Review

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Logan is the most affordable sedan and its rental price makes it one of the most requested cars from our fleet, especially at the airports Baneasa and Otopeni, Bucharest. By renting this car you gain a spacious and elegant vehicle, especially with the new facelift. The driving tests showed that Logan is a fully satisfactory car in the lower middle class, and it considerably evens out its more expensive competitors. The driving shows a dynamic behavior and fuel consumption is acceptable.

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Of course, as a general rule, the more modern diesel engines are more economical, but petrol engine will not disappoint either. Also, driving characteristics are quite good, whether it's directional stability, handling in curves, steering precision or effective brakes. Logan delivers a noteworthy ride comfort, thanks to a well-chosen undercarriage system.

rent a car romania

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