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Dacia Sandero is available for rental in Romania

Thanks to the domestic production of Dacia, falling under the supervisory of Renault, you won't find another country which would have such a large number of Dacia cars on the roads. Sandero is with its affordable rental price a favorite car also on the European market, and the popular hatchback design has won over a lot of returning clients.

Dacia Sandero car rental
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Prices & Conditions

Prices are all inclusive. They include VAT, Full Casco Insurance, RCA Insurance, Vignette and unlimited mileage. In order to rent a car from our fleet, you need to be at least 21 years of age, and the driving license should be obtained with at least one year prior to the rental date.


Drive Test & Review

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Driving this car is not an unpleasant experience, although the cabin becomes a little noisy in a high speed. The undercarriage is very stable though, and you will be especially pleased by the spacious interior. Five passengers fit inside perfectly, and the trunk content is definitely over 300 l. The average consumption is under 7l.

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However in Romania, you don't have to worry about the highway very much, because there are only a couple of kilometers of highway in the country – A1 between Bucharest and Pitesti, plus Sibiu bypass. Most of the highways are under construction and will be completed in a couple of years. To conclude our review, Dacia Sandero is a comfortable and reliable car for rent in Romania, always available in many variations of equipment and engine.

rent a car Dacia Sandero

1Our agent will wait for you with a nameplate and the car keys in front of the information desk