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Ford Mondeo is available for rental in Romania

Renting a Ford Mondeo in Romania? Excellent choice pro a premium sedan class, which might not carry the brand image of Audi or BMW, yet it does even them in many aspects. First Mondeo came to life in 1993, and since 2007, already a fourth generation "sails on the asphalt roads" around the globe. After all, Mondeo comes from a Latin word "mundus", which means "the world".

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Prices & Conditions

Prices are all inclusive. They include VAT, Full Casco Insurance, RCA Insurance, Vignette and unlimited mileage. In order to rent a car from our fleet, you need to be at least 21 years of age, and the driving license should be obtained with at least one year prior to the rental date.


Drive Test & Review

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You will likely drive the 4th Generation Mondeo with 2011 facelift. The two-liter turbo diesel engine, after which will definitely many customers look for, is not a bad choice. Initially, it seems that this is the limit of capacity, but after a while you will find that it's not quite true. The new Mondeo is very quiet, so it masks the speed better than it seems. In addition to that, the engine runs pretty smoothly.

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It has 140 hp and 320 Nm, and even a big car like can be handled with no problem. Consumption can also be maintained at comfortable levels, although you will need to drive modestly. Shifting the six-speed manual is also a correct, accurate and comfortable operation. The interior is another place where you will notice a significant change from the older models. Mondeo has particularly grown considerably in width, so the space around the shoulders will not be a problem for a passenger of any size. The seats are comfortable, too. If someone has a secret recipe for an excellent family car that performs gymnastics on the straight as well as winding road and still keeps the pokerface at a Bucharest gas station, it is definitely Ford. Mondeo.

rent a car romania

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