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    Detailed guide for renting a car with carrental.ro

    Renting a car in Bucharest or anywhere in Romania can be easier than you think! By reading our rental guide, you will be able to skip all unnecessary formalities and get right to the pleasant part discovering this wonderful country with rich history and strong traditions, virgin nature, breathtaking mountains and sunny beaches on the long coast of the Black Sea.

    Romania has by now a large number of airports; the most significant and busiest airports are in Otopeni (Henri Coanda) and Baneasa (Aurel Vlaicu). Both are neighborhoods on the outskirts of Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. As a traveler, you will probably be landing on one of these airports. If you will land in a different city (e.g. Cluj, Constanta, Arad, Timisoara, Sibiu) please let us know in advance, because the availability of a specific car is also dependent on the location.

    As a general rule, we recommend placing your booking in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute. During holiday seasons and summer vacation periods, we receive many rental requests and most of the fleet is booked or unavailable. This means that the probability of getting the exact car you desire is lower during the full season, and therefore an early reservation of the preferred vehicle is strongly recommended.

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    Choosing a car

    Car selection can be a difficult task, especially if you visit Romania for the first time and you don't know what to expect or what type of vehicle to select for certain occasions or purposes. Romanians in general pay a lot of attention to cars; they love driving and having a car in Romania is a must. The public transportation system is far from perfect in this country, and that only enhances the road transportation for goods as well as for people. Our client support center will be happy to help you with getting the most fitting option for your trip; just look at our car fleet and take a pick; we take care of the rest. If you travel for business and want to make an impression, then you should definitely go for one of the luxury class cars, such as Audi or BMW.

    For travelling with family, the premium sedans are the best for you and your loved ones. Renault Megane, a very popular choice, is a perfectly spacious and very safe car (receive maximum rating in safety tests). If you are on a budget or just need a small and comfortable city car, then we recommend Chevrolet Spark or other small class cars. They are very economical in terms of consumption and perfect for the heavy Bucharest traffic. If you plan on traveling outside urban areas, you should however consider a larger car with more power. Dacia Logan, a vehicle from a domestic production, is the very favorite and multifunctional rental car.

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    Filling the Booking form

    All you need to do in order to start the rental process is place a booking on our site. Pay extra attention and fill all the fields correctly, especially the contact details without them we won't be able to get back to you! Please do not forget to put an international prefix for your phone number, too. If you want your car delivered at a specific address within city limits, it can be done, just write the address in the comment field in the booking form. We also offer GPS or child seat as extra options, and you can select them directly in the form, too. After you placed your reservation, we will contact you within a couple of hours with more details.

    Make sure you check your email inbox thoroughly sometimes the emails can arrive in the spam folder, and you might not notice them. If you have any problems regarding your booking request, or if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our customer support line (phone number can be found in the top right corner of our site). However, before you call, please check our FAQ page for the common questions we face, and our replies to them.

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    Car delivery (including at the airport)

    After we contacted you and you gave us your final confirmation for your booking, you can expect our delivery agent waiting for you outside of the arrival hall, holding a sign with your name on it. It is also useful to tell us the details of your flight, so that we can adjust the delivery according to the landing time of plane. The delivery agent will have your car ready, and there are just a couple of formalities to take care of.

    You will naturally need your driving license and ID/passport for making the rental contract. As a condition of the insurance company, you will also need a credit or debit card, on which we can block the deposit for the car. Visa, Mastercard and Maestro are the accepted issuers. The money remains in your account during the rental and are unblocked upon returning the car at the end of the rental period. The car is fully insured with mandatory road insurance and CASCO, so that you are not held financially accountable in an unfortunate case of an accident. The actual payment for renting the car can be made by card as well as in cash. We accept Euro, USD and Romanian LEI/RON. The prices are calculated based on the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania at the moment of delivery published via www.bnr.ro. The whole process does not take more than fifteen minutes, and after signing the rental contract and making the payment, you can start the engine and simply enjoy the ride!

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    Returning the car

    During the whole rental period, our agents are at your disposal, in case you would need our assistance due some unexpected events. Returning the rental car is the easiest part of all. At a place of your choice (most likely at the airport), our agent will wait for you and take over the vehicle after a short inspection of the state of the rental. Then the only thing left is unblocking your deposit and wishing you a safe flight; and we hope we will see you again for your next trip to Romania! .

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    Henri Coanda Airport in Otopeni - Bucharest

    Otopeni airport is one of the busiest places in Romania transporting, over 5 million passangers a year. The airport is also undergoing large renovations, to adjust to the increasing traffic and to be able to offer the highest comfort of air travel to their customers. Otopeni is located approximately 15 km from the very center of Bucharest city, so if you are staying at a hotel downtown, you shouldn't have a long ride. If for any reason you want to pick up your car in the city and not at the airport, there are several means of transport available for you. Do not forget that you can collect the rented car from Otopeni directly. At about 1 km from the Otopeni airport there is a train station, connected to the main railway station in Bucharest by a direct line.

    Other option is to take a bus. Look for route number 780 or 783. The city plans to connect the airport with the metro system as well, but the tunnels are still in construction. The most comfortable way of transport is probably taxi. Make sure that your driver has a valid license and that he has a working taximeter. It is also a good idea to ask about the price prior entering the cab.

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    Aurel Vlaicu Airport in Baneasa - Bucharest

    The international airport in Baneasa is located closer to the center of Bucharest (8km). It is however holding a second place after Otopeni in terms of transported passengers (as Otopeni transports double). Baneasa is in general more occupied by the low cost flight providers; it is also undergoing some reconstructions and the public transport connections are either by a tram or by bus (routes 131, 335 or 783).

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    What do our prices include?

    • - VAT and all taxes
    • - Free delivery and pick-up
    • - Full CASCO insurance
    • - Obligatory RCA (road insurance)
    • - Special theft insurance
    • - Unlimited mileage
    • - Vignette
    • - Free delivery and night
    • - Disaster assistance
    • - Exchange of car in case of failure
    • - Availability of assistance 24/7
    • - 10% discount card for life
    • - Carwash package (car is washed before delivery)
    • - Green card



1 We reserve our right to refuse a rental without any explanations.